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Avalon Resort is the right choice when you’re looking for affordable boutique hotels Deerfield Beach can be proud of. We’re also a sensible choice when you’re looking for a convenient, comfortable and affordable pick of vacation rentals near Deerfield Island Park.

Whether you need to contact us in preparation for a stay, while you’re here with us or after you’ve returned home or moved on to the next leg of your stay, you’ll be pleased with the excellent quality of service we provide. Why not take action now to find out anything you need to know or resolve any issues you may have? For any assistance with Reservations, Availability, Facility details or for any Special Requests to Please Contact us at (954) 427-6611

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    735 SE 20th Ave Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, US

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    Monday - Saturday:
    8 A.M - 5 PM
    Sunday: 10 A.M - 2 P.M

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